In the procedure of nervousness conditions (these kinds of as social anxiety) the following method is usually employed (in this buy): insight, perseverance and action. This method has several negatives: anxious people today are frequently much less learnable, that is, they have troubles in acquiring new understanding (e.g. in the knowledge of their issues), and in the endeavor to exhibit behavioural modifications nervous folks usually demonstrate (psychological) resistance (avoidance behaviour).

Thanks to these disadvantages, the remedy period is frequently far too long or the cure fails. The following procedure has a distinct method, particularly the earlier mentioned treatment is made use of in reversed get and as a outcome, de disadvantages are mainly eradicated. The anxious individual receives firstly an assignment (action) from the coach (or therapist) without having a comprehensive in-depth explanation. If the job is prosperous, then the considerably less nervous unique will obtain more discovering- and operate assignments (insight) from the coach.

This procedure is based mainly on the issue-resolving therapy of the American psychiatrist and psychotherapist Milton H. Erickson (founder of the uncommon treatment and hypnotherapy). Erickson explored diverse ways to tackle different social problems devoid of analysing the past of his consumers (e.g. the way they were being introduced up).

Other therapists examined the solutions of Erickson and utilised them in their apply. Just one of those people therapists Jay Haley (1976) explained in his ebook a amount of periods on a family with a youthful boy who was worried of dogs. The therapist in these periods arrived up with a extraordinary resolution to assistance this youthful boy to cut down his fears for canine. The therapist requested this youthful boy – with the support of his moms and dads – to choose a modest pet dog in his dwelling which he thinks is very frightened and to overcome its stress and anxiety. In limited, this option aided this youthful boy to be less fearful of canines. The next remedy is dependent on the tale about this youthful boy who was fearful of canines and was after executed by a male who was fearful of women of all ages. This person knew a female who he considered was quite shy and he tried out productively to heal her shyness. He did this by possessing make contact with with this lady and talking to her about himself. Soon after the conferences with this woman he afterwards found adjustments in his behaviour and the way he thinks and feels.

Under are some enhancements he has recognized in himself following the meetings with this formerly shy woman:

Cure technique

A remedy for gentlemen who are frightened of women of all ages, features:

  1. Action
  2. Perseverance
  3. Insight (furthermore achievable subsequent assignment)


The male customer follows the guidelines (orders) of the trainer.

Case in point:

A male shopper – who is frightened of ladies – is instructed to seem for a female who he thinks is incredibly shy and tries to remedy her shyness. The male consumer should be ready to get rid of her shyness by being vulnerable to her (that is, by talking to her about himself).


The male shopper continues to complete the job (assignment).


The male consumer goes at the time a week to this shy woman and talks to her about himself. The male shopper ought to gradual (that is, in modest ways) be vulnerable to her, due to the fact if he is as well rapid in currently being susceptible to her, this could possibly induce (some) uncomfortable surprises (such as stress) for her.

Insight (in addition feasible subsequent assignments)

If the male shopper succeeds in curing the shyness of the lady (that is, the lady is able to be vulnerable to other individuals), then the male consumer will get added mastering- and operate assignments from the coach.


The male customer reads guides / content articles (or pieces of publications / article content – copies) that the trainer endorses to him, for example:

The male shopper also carries out a selection of pursuits to strengthen his odds of acquiring a healthier and long lasting romance with a girl, these kinds of as:


Haley, J. (1976). Difficulty Resolving Treatment. New Procedures for Productive Household Remedy. San Francisco / London: Jossey-Bass, Inc.