My eyes had been opened ever due to the fact I learnt about the “4 temperaments”. The impact it had upon me and my social anxiousness was very visible.

Men and women with SA are generally worried, even terrified, of what other men and women assume of them and are quite delicate to the responses and actions of other people. On the other hand, upon mastering about the four temperaments, we get a better perception as to what is truly likely on in the other person’s head.

So, what are the “4 temperaments”, you check with? It is a concept of psychology which originated from the “4 humours” concept of 460-370 BC. Fundamentally, there are 4 identity types: Sanguine, Melancholy, Choleric, and Phlegmatic. When you will most probably obtain you have characteristics from all four, most people today will have considerably much more in 1 or two of the classes.

Here is a summary of the four groups, and how knowing this could support you realise that what you interpret is not genuinely what the other particular person could be considering:


The Sanguine is the extrovert, the talker, the optimist. They are the daily life of the bash, the centre of focus, and adore to talk. They are also recognized on celebration to be forgetful and disorganised.

An individual with social anxiety could come across this outgoing and carefree identity type scary. Sanguine personalities can have a tendency to say points without contemplating them as a result of very first. Commonly, what they say was not intended to be hurtful, and some people today could not have an understanding of how anyone could potentially have social anxiety. They can also make fun of issues that other people today locate embarrassing (but Sanguines definitely do not see it that way). If they do blurt out anything offensive, just take it with a grain of salt as they in all probability did not genuinely suggest it in the way you have interpreted.

On the other hand, Sanguines are the very best form of folks to have discussions with if you are actually not much of a talker. They will respect a excellent listener, and you will take pleasure in not getting to say a great deal.


The Melancholy is the introvert, the thinker, the pessimist. They are analytical, perfectionists, and commonly really serious men and women. They can also take items as well individually and be around sensitive.

The Melancholy character will generally answer to things negatively. If they shoot down one thing you say, it may perhaps not be as personalized as you believe. They can normally see the worst in factors and may possibly not even realise that they have offended you (becoming in this category myself, I can undoubtedly vouch for that). Often this persona can get quite precise and irritated when it comes to neatness and perfection. If this comes about, just smile knowingly when you realise this is very regular behaviour of the Melancholy.

On the other hand, individuals with Melancholic characteristics are also passionate, caring, and loving. They are really open up minded, and numerous are inclined to empathise or talk about deep matters.


The Choleric is the extrovert, the doer, the optimist. They are born leaders, solid willed, and shift swiftly to action. They might also put tension on others and seem bossy at moments.

Cholerics can from time to time be the scariest men and women out there if you have social stress. They will communicate harshly, drive their views, and explain to you what to do. Even so, you should recognise that extra typically than not, a Choleric is not attempting to offend you. It is just the way they are, and they are unlikely to know that they have offended you and have now moved on and forgotten about it while you dwell on it for months on finish.

The Choleric/Sanguine can usually be the type to put others down or make enjoyment of them, all the while smiling and creating a joke out of it all. Smile and go together with it since they are not striving to harm you and their terms are likely a lot harsher than what they are basically wondering. Sure men and women of this identity variety also consider that they are the most effective, and work difficult to continue to be there.

If a Choleric compliments you at all, you know you definitely need to have carried out a thing correct. Sense proud about a Choleric acknowledging what good you have carried out, for the reason that they really suggest it.


The Phlegmatic is the introvert, the watcher, the pessimist. They are uncomplicated going, frequently silent, and want to avoid conflicts. Having said that, they can at periods be tough to converse with and are quite indecisive.

The Phlegmatic is in all probability the past individual that you will have conflicts with, but if you have social stress and anxiety, even these forms can feel scary. Phlegmatics have a tendency to conceal their feelings and choose to hear instead than speak, so be thorough not to misinterpret this as meaning that they never want to be about you.

They are quite forgiving people and are pleasant to hold all over with. I have constantly felt a whole lot much more consolation conversing to an effortless going Phlegmatic (regrettably, I am also a Phlegmatic, hence we can never decide on anything at all!).