Pronunciation is an critical element of finding out English. If you study the incorrect pronunciation of a phrase, you could not realize it when somebody pronounces the phrase accurately. Also, when you use the phrase, the man or woman listening could not understand you.

Enable me give you an illustration. An trade pupil from Mexico questioned me if we could go to a “boo-fet.” I did not fully grasp where he preferred to go. I asked him for clarification. He then questioned if we could go to a “boo-fet” where you take in all you want. Now, I recognized. He was striving to pronounce the phrase buffet (buh-fay). He discovered the incorrect pronunciation from his teacher of English.

How lots of text do you know that commence with picture? Let’s make a record:

photograph, photographer, images, photographic, photographed, photographically, photogenic

Do you know the accurate pronunciation of these text? You possibly can pronounce some of these text correctly.

In English, 1 syllable in any term is named the stressed syllable. The stressed syllable is the part of a phrase that you give the most emphasis to. Stressed syllables are typically perceived as getting more forceful than non-pressured syllables. Let’s glance at some examples. The following underlined syllables are pressured:

sofa, telephone, celebrity, laptop or computer

Below are the pronunciation rules. Bear in mind, just about every rule has an exception or two.

When the term ends in -al (architectural), -crat (democrat), -ist (economist), -meter (thermometer), or -y, -cy, -gy, -fy, -phy, -ry, -attempt, the worry generally falls on the ante-penultimate syllable. For instance, in architectural, “tec” is the ante-penultimate syllable.


ar chi tec tur al

al – greatest syllable

tu – penultimate syllable

tec – ante-penultimate syllable

When the phrase finishes in -ian, -ic, ics, -sion, -tion, the worry is normally on the penultimate syllable. For illustration, politician, “ti” is the penultimate syllable.


When the term ends in -ee,-eer the pressure usually is put on the previous syllable.


Most other endings, for the most portion, do not alter the anxiety of the base phrase. For case in point, -ready, -ed, -er, –ful, -ing, -ise, ize, -ist, -much less, -ly, -ment, -ness, -ous, -ure.

architecture, used, useless

Prefixes commonly do not change the strain of the foundation phrase. Here are some examples.

deliver / degenerate

think / disbelieve

nationwide / global

motion / transaction

In the list under, underline the pressured syllable in the word people.

photograph, photographer, images, photographic, photographed, photographically, photogenic

economy, economic, economist, economics, inexpensive, economically

architect, architecture, architectural, architecturally

field, industrial, industrially, industrious, industrialize, industrialization, industrialist, industrialism

democrat, democracy, democratic, democratically, democratize, democratization

make use of, employer, staff, utilizing, used, work

use, utilized, consumer, ineffective, uselessly, uselessness, useful, usefully, usefulness, usable