Before this summer, I needed to mail my Dad the new Anthony Bourdain guide.

He enjoys meals and travel, so it appeared like the ideal present for Father’s Working day.

So, I went with my wife to the submit office. Substantially to our chagrin, there was a line. Not a lengthy line, brain you. But adequate that we experienced to wait around.

The difficulty was… it was having Tremendous extensive (to the stage wherever the peeps operating the display at the submit office experienced to check with us and thank us for our endurance a number of instances ahead of we had been helped).

When you discover yourself in scenarios like this a person… waiting around in a lengthy line for more time than you treatment for, it can be Unbelievably quick to get annoyed.

To get angry or even furious about how slow the men and women in line are staying

To start vortexing and lashing out about how substantially time you are wasting in line…

And about all the matters you nevertheless have still left to do…

Time ready in line is normally what some phone “Lifeless Time.”

Time that you really don’t get considerably, if everything, out of.

Time that, in the end, you think is wasted.

All far too usually, our days are peppered with useless time. Primarily when we have to operate errands.


I got great news for you.

You see, waiting around in line doesn’t HAVE to be lifeless time.



We can Renovate it into ALIVE Time!

Time that is very well-expended.

Time that you use to increase.

Time that, finally, you feel you made the finest of.

This is particularly what I did when I was ready in line at the put up office environment.

I did so by working with a straightforward but potent strategy I like to simply call “benefit-shielding.”

This method basically layers a useful action on an usually disagreeable or boring experience.

By carrying out this, you shield yourself from the boredom and the badness of the experience by enjoying the rewards of the action.

So, when I was waiting around in line at the publish business, I turned this lifeless time into alive time.

I worth-shielded by providing my wonderful spouse a shoulder massage when we waited.

By focusing on massaging her shoulders in a way that soothed my wife’s soreness (she tends to get a knot in her suitable shoulder in distinct), I was equipped to expend time in line although focusing on doing anything quite great, a little something good for anyone I appreciate (although also getting some therapeutic massage-giving apply).

By value-shielding in this way, my wife and I were being in a position to transform the useless time of numbly waiting in line into the alive time of providing/receiving a therapeutic massage.

This is just a single example of how to value-protect.

There are a lot of other methods you can do so.

You can hear to songs you really like and that conjures up you.

You can listen to an audiobook that entertains you.

You can even get the time to small-essential meditate in line by concentrating on your breath.

All these are effective examples of how to value-protect though waiting around in lengthy lines. Whether or not it be at the put up business office, in the grocery keep, or even at the airport.

My purchasers and I routinely have interaction in worth-shielding, and allow me inform you, ready in line has never been this enjoyable.

If you find out to harness the electric power of this technique, you may be able to completely transform some of the worst and most infuriating areas of your everyday living into some of the ideal and most inspiring types.

Hope you have enjoyable worth-shielding!